About me

I’m Néna, i’m french  and i live in Montreal

Some words about me

After completing preparatory courses at PrepArt Paris and continuing my education for two years in art at the Valence Regional School Of Fine Arts, I graduated with a degree in Graphic Arts and Design at the Axe Sud School in Toulouse.

I have always loved reading and creating stories, which naturally led to my desire to bring the characters that were blossoming in my mind to life through drawing. My passion for illustration opened a world of infinite possibilities in which I am able to explore art and experiment with traditional tools, as well as digital techniques.

My formal education and professional experience in graphic design has enabled me to bring projects to fruition from their concept ideas to their final results. In my professional career, I have created graphic identities, logotypes, leaflets, posters, etc. But my passion for illustration pushes me to try to build a career in this particular domain.

I wish to draw and share my feelings and passion through my art, for everybody willing to dream, and each inner child hidden behind an adult mask.


I enjoy travelling and discovering other countries, people and cultures. I am a nature lover and I am constantly amazed by the beauty our world has to offer to us, all is right in front of our eyes. Travelling is like a treasure hunt that can change a life, open our minds and teach us a bit of humility. This is the primary reason why I decided to move across the ocean, it gave me the chance to experience a new continent, a new way of life and offer me a completely different view of the world.

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