Different techniques

My personality and interests are reflected in my portfolio, by the subjects I create, but also by the way I do it. Curious, I do not like to remain confined to a single technique. I like to explore the possibilities of digital just as I like to exploit the unexpected of traditional techniques.

A bit of magic

Imagination is a powerful ability. It allows us to visualize and bring life to situations, beings or places, stemming from our minds, created on the basis of perceptions, memories and affinities with everyday things. This is what I love about fantasy and folklore illustration. Conveying my perception of a floating and moving world, which changes over time through each reader’s eyes and interpretations

The wish to share

Who doesn’t like being able to escape for a short while? Change worlds for a moment, leave everyday reality for an adventure of the mind. Dreams and stories have this wonderful power to take us away for a moment. Whether through illustrated books, video games or animated drawings, stories come to life under the pencil of an artist and in the heart of an audience. I aspire to share my vision of these stories through the world of youth publishing or animation

Sneek peak

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Comment me joindre

Je vis actuellement à Montréal.

Vous pouvez me joindre par courriel via la page contact, ou par message sur instagram.

Welcome on my portfolio, i hope you enjoy your visit and wish you a beautiful day!

Where to find me

I’m currently living in Montréal.

You can join me by email with the contact page, or with a message on instagram.

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